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Time to share/old fashionable life dream

2011-04-04 13:49:43 by beguilbertd

Time to share

I did not receive any response from NG´administrators nor moderators, so I have decided put my song here instead of wait for a submit in audio portal. I made this song just for fun one Sunday at noon. I felt that time inspired because of a bunch of thoughts rounding my head. What is the best way to express yourself?, let the ideas running away [I said]. I hope you like this song as It liked to me too.
Note: I am not searching for a group of fans I prefer listeners too much.

Comments are welcome either you can leave your mind here.

Old fashionable life dream

One life for everyone, destiny is waiting...
Memories of youth have gone , youngsters there...
Dreams of future hope... hope where?
No tears enough to bring them back...
Pray for prey birds...
Old fashionable life dream


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2011-04-11 15:22:46

Twas relaxing :3
(Also I replied to your comments, sorry I'm a bit slow XD)

beguilbertd responds:

Thank you..¡¡ for having a listen here. As I said : I like listeners too much.
You are not like to take your time :)