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very nice interpretation of being-self... the monster is me.

I really liked the first part but ...

I wish I would see pants vs generic in this movie (a fight extended part). I did not like friends. Generic protagonist is an icon and you might had left it on that way. There are some funny scenes here like "the bosses" , "back to the future", so I insist in just one protagonist. Thank you for receive and read my review.

drodZILiA responds:

Well his friends are staying in the series.

right madness ... but*

I can figure out how this movie is unfinished but what about the rest of it?. Instead of that sick pic would might be a character made by animation developer. (those noises are quite depressives and coulf offend sensivility of children)

Psychojester53 responds:

"Suitable for 17+"

Some people are just too stupid to insult...

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Have you ever thought ... that which causes us pain disappeared, life would have another color? I do not think this it is just a game. Your reflection can allow others to think about what really segnifica die, without giving meaning to death, rather, to understand why and what we are alive. Your message I really liked and do not think it's all dark, while realistic, covers a point that we all need to explore, that's what we do with our lives. On the other hand (and respecting your own opinion and that of others here) caught my attention that you said that God does not exist ... You mean that God does not exist because people misrepresents or what you really believe that there is someone who does no care about human beings about losing their lives? If you take things from an objective point of view and neutral, we conclude that death is an Interruption, is not it? ... then, what is that death is interrupting?(if I did not expressed myself correctly, I always can clarify)

I can notice that you took your time to make this game... really amusing!

1.great artwork
2.interesting logic
3.immersive music
4.charismatic character
5.enjoyable ambient

nicely done!

what a great patience-game lesson. I liked the moai theme and the ancient times age. The time-passing effect is pretty original and so cool. Thanks for take the time to free your mind for a nice playing moment.

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Great theme!

nice atmosphere printed in notes...

Neon-Bard responds:

Thank you. :)

brain world ...

I do not know if it is due to the last typing week (for me) but I listened to a brain in a hard working. I could mix your ambient with my notes and both danced together in my mind. Many sensations were around my seat at the beginning also too much ideas flying at the end of the track. Time , sweat , maybe tears are impressed here.
Thanks to you Nick for compose songs for everyone , but most important , to express yourself at playing. I would like to share my brain too , in spite of the low audience I would have. So I think next time ... Well done.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Hopefully you will be able to express yourself through your writing as well! By the way, as a personal question, where are you from?

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Your brother got talent at drawing (and patience). Some of us have a lack of that kind of imagination. I liked your honesty at refer your brother as the author and even more important was the way you wanted to share your family values as being proud of your brotherhood. ( i don know if my words were clear but my intention was the best)

Best to you (all)

She is hiding from...

night hunters.. (she is a witch)

Applying for a job

If you give this for a psychometric test... I would like to know your results.

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