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2012-02-05 19:01:19 by beguilbertd

Seven days after Summer started, Cindy was walking to the park to have a date. That cloudy night was specially dark , but not only dark was around there, that night was under darkness. Cindy arrived to the Married street when something spooky rised his eyes...a cat, a cat was watching her with those torn yellow eyes. Moon awoke the night, night slept while those sad men walked over there. The scared Cindy started watching out a shadow among threes, but nobody was in . Cindy thought : "This have to be my date, I am sure of it... I , I would bet", Cindy felt her heart beating as fast as the red organ can beat. Lights of candles were flashing the side walks when rain fell down on Cindy: Yes, the wet Cindy was pretty wet, wet?, yes too much wet of rainwater. So, How the candles were flashing?, The candles were flashing because the roof they were under on...


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2012-02-16 05:22:55

I'm intrigued~:P
Can I help you with your English?
I don't mean to be rude but it's not "Water rain" we'd usually say "Rainwater"~

beguilbertd responds:

You are not being rude, instead of that, you are very kind and sweet by offering your services as teacher ¡¡ :)
As an amateur writer I used to type my ideas as they come out, certainly most part of time I suddenly forget of grammar. I always receive suggestions and comments as well.
Thanks for your attention and correction.


2012-02-17 11:33:10

You're welcome~ ^w^