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The odd path to keep yourself alive online

2012-06-05 22:24:53 by beguilbertd

What would you do when you have an account you already have not used in a while? It seems that when something you long distances lose track of time and also what happens. Consider this to be an everyday?. How do people keep all their accounts activated every day?. I think you should invest as much time in them when you have a child does not?. If you have the pleasure to comment on that, because I like to know, How you do it?.

The odd path to keep yourself alive online


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2012-06-12 23:49:41

looks like NG is dying... nobody stops to comment or is this my impression?


2013-01-30 16:04:53

I recently got rid of a bunch of accounts I don't use and don't need to use. Feels like people are way to stressed nowadays (me included) with all social activity, you can't really be active everywhere simultaneously, better just chose a few places you like. Like NG. :D

beguilbertd responds:

I think you are really using the NG´site... You can always contribute :)