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2012-12-19 12:12:21 by beguilbertd

There was a boy who had got all he needed.
There was a youngster who lived as time left him living.
There was a man who had forgotten something
When the old man knew the answer: Said I am happy now. Is there a knowledge?
Holding for being discovered
Is there a plain to chase, the plain you chase
Is there a space for traveling? There is a place to change time into nowhere.
Is there a plenty of hope to reach? To reach the moon hope the leaf.
No sadness day, today no sense to leave... the reason to live.
Fourth glass has covered the doom (weeping flood).
Fifth son of moth in grounds.
First gift of culture, she is the vulture (flying bones).
Last temptation in depth hole of hounds


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2013-01-30 16:03:09

The beginning makes sense, the end riddles as a raised fence.
Tryint to deriddle makes my brain tense, so my say ends.

beguilbertd responds:

thanks for the riddle-answer.