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Banned ...It is a shame being banned.

2011-03-20 00:52:50 by beguilbertd

I have been banned by Newgrounds for unknown reason [maybe you know it ]. I would submitted a song to audio portal called "Old fashionable life dream". I have typed something related with this song. I hope it worth. So here is :

Old fashionable life dream

One life for everyone, destiny is wating...
Memories of youth have gone , youngsters there...
Dreams of future hope... hope where?
No tears enough to bring them back...
Pray for prey birds...
Old fashionable life dream ... to you.

minute by minute ...

2011-02-05 01:39:53 by beguilbertd

as feel dust in the wind , and the wind over the sea...a little leaf or feather floating on ground...
life is going slowly nevertheless time not.
a broken reality , breathing , waiting for the lasts peacefully moments... they shall be not more out there leaving out... just picking coins of the treasure...dreaming while i am chained...only patterns , only faces behind grids...rats creeping, people weeping, someone spitting...there is more than eyes can perceive...
a hard weather come through minute by minute.

Go home

2011-01-18 20:28:52 by beguilbertd

One day I would like to come back home . I think I have enough of here . I am not angry but already unsatisfied . Same things all days . What about try doing another different ? . I just want to go home

What S tronger?

2011-01-16 03:04:24 by beguilbertd

16/01/11 >
I:53 am Pacific TM

Images vs words?

So I prefer words but I like images too . When you are learning something , images are good for you than words can be. Not always images express how you feel or how you can explain something . Images are a good resource for being clearly with your words or ideas . If you have a good pic that is according with that you are saying so you get a nice volume of info , by the contrary if you lack of images you have a BIG NEWS PAPER similarly a lack of content you have a teens magazine .
Here at my posts I like to posting images of babes just because [not to get attention from others by playing with their lascivious and sexual instincts] and maybe my words are short of longitude but is cool for me doing it at this way . I am able to type more complex info and longer content , and thoughts to users .
Are here users who really want to reply them correctly? [ there are less than 3 here ]
Reading vs Typing is another useful confrontation that I shall aboard later . Just have this in count for now .

Bryan D Guilbert

What S tronger?

dreams & nightmares

2011-01-13 20:19:20 by beguilbertd

What is your recurrent nightmare or dream?
What do you think that happens to you?
Have you solved something with a dreamed solution?
What about nightmares?
What do we have to explain and analyze of it ?

2011 comes

2010-12-26 03:46:34 by beguilbertd

A new age begins....bla bla.... we are here ,,,bla bla.... today we are affronting the change..bla bla bla..
They thought throughout their minds foolish when beasts roared....

2011 comes


2010-12-23 20:36:33 by beguilbertd

[ I like the clown and I am not going to delete him from the post ]

The big boom was seeing up on the sky ...none could remember anything since that day,


What is money for?

2010-12-22 13:01:08 by beguilbertd

a]If you get a lot of money what will you do with?
b]What is job for?
c]What is useful and useless uses for money?

What are your plans for next year ?

2010-12-22 04:36:31 by beguilbertd

Thinking on plans


2010-11-06 14:37:07 by beguilbertd

Ace ยก
I have been part of newgrounds and I have been feeling good here. I have been getting fun and nice experiences. Thanks to all .