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*rap ¡

2010-11-01 16:51:45 by beguilbertd

Really you can not have all .
When you try to get all that you want , you are trapped by nothing? . When you are complaining without try , you are wrong ¡ , but when you try , are you right? .

My experience with newgrounds

2010-10-20 20:20:48 by beguilbertd

I enjoy very much Newground´s stuff . I can see all work that users make with effort and that is very cool .
Newgrounds is a big community of great people like you . Designers , musicians , programmers , players , executives . All Newgrounds is a big family . I shall try to beat some records here and leave my footsteps in Newgrounds. If someone wants to contribute to my goal that one is welcome .

My experience with newgrounds