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Posted by beguilbertd - March 17th, 2013

I dedicate this post to all those here in newgrounds (and also out there) who are struggling every day against anything unpleasant happens today. Who nonetheless try to show some values that have been lost and knowing that maybe no one takes into account that. But there are some of you do appreciate what many of you do for your family, for your friends or yourself either. Some do not have what others have and others thankfully a little more, but they are all under the same roof and we should all consider that we have at hand partner and regardless of their circumstances and differences, is also a victim like everyone else imbalances of our time.

I wish the best to all.

Quiero dedicar esta publicación para todas aquellas personas aquí en newgrounds (y allá afuera también) que están esforzandose dia a dia contra todo lo desagradable que sucede hoy mismo. Qué pese a todo tratan de demostrar un poco de valores que se han perdido y sabiendo que tal vez nadie tome en cuenta ello. Pero habemos algunos que sí apreciamos lo que muchos de ustedes hacen por sus familias, por sus amigos o ya sea por ustedes mismos. Algunos no tienen lo que otros y otros afortunadamente tienen un poco más, sin embargo todos están bajo el mismo techo y todos deberíamos considerar a aquel compañero que tenemos a lado e independientemente de sus circunstancias y diferencias, también es una víctima como todos los demás de los desequilibrios de nuestro tiempo.

Les deseo lo mejor a todos.

To: everyone here n there

Posted by beguilbertd - February 22nd, 2013


What's inside of me?
many remains in me
you can not go with me.
Is there anything left in me?
many memories are still there
circulating at the top.
Dry weather, a desert of lost things
no more than a glance
I've seen in my place to run
black breeze in the sky to come.
What's inside? devoured horizon
A lake of tears in you admired
the purposes and principles
in secret, that you fear
will leave, towers full time
Wind hands ... nothing will come.

Posted by beguilbertd - December 19th, 2012

There was a boy who had got all he needed.
There was a youngster who lived as time left him living.
There was a man who had forgotten something
When the old man knew the answer: Said I am happy now. Is there a knowledge?
Holding for being discovered
Is there a plain to chase, the plain you chase
Is there a space for traveling? There is a place to change time into nowhere.
Is there a plenty of hope to reach? To reach the moon hope the leaf.
No sadness day, today no sense to leave... the reason to live.
Fourth glass has covered the doom (weeping flood).
Fifth son of moth in grounds.
First gift of culture, she is the vulture (flying bones).
Last temptation in depth hole of hounds

Posted by beguilbertd - June 5th, 2012

What would you do when you have an account you already have not used in a while? It seems that when something you long distances lose track of time and also what happens. Consider this to be an everyday?. How do people keep all their accounts activated every day?. I think you should invest as much time in them when you have a child does not?. If you have the pleasure to comment on that, because I like to know, How you do it?.

The odd path to keep yourself alive online

Posted by beguilbertd - February 5th, 2012

Seven days after Summer started, Cindy was walking to the park to have a date. That cloudy night was specially dark , but not only dark was around there, that night was under darkness. Cindy arrived to the Married street when something spooky rised his eyes...a cat, a cat was watching her with those torn yellow eyes. Moon awoke the night, night slept while those sad men walked over there. The scared Cindy started watching out a shadow among threes, but nobody was in . Cindy thought : "This have to be my date, I am sure of it... I , I would bet", Cindy felt her heart beating as fast as the red organ can beat. Lights of candles were flashing the side walks when rain fell down on Cindy: Yes, the wet Cindy was pretty wet, wet?, yes too much wet of rainwater. So, How the candles were flashing?, The candles were flashing because the roof they were under on...

Posted by beguilbertd - November 1st, 2011

Could be my imagination but I think is very quiet all around...
School, Jobs, Money, Family?, Problems, Taxes.... People is very busy right now.
Would be nice some joke...
Well have a nice week.

the silence of newgrounds

Posted by beguilbertd - May 27th, 2011

"El amar a alguien no es fuerza sobre otro sino sobre uno mismo..."
"La mente era un cementerio, y sus recuerdos se levantaron de la muerte y le devoraron sin piedad...."
"Un cobarde busca aliados, un hombre, amigos"
"Un traidor no abandona su lealtad, nunca la tuvo"
"Para siempre es una expresion efímera dicen unos, efímero no es una palabra eterna "
"Felicidad es una palabra larga, tristeza una corta"
"De palabras los libros están llenos, de hechos la historia fue escrita"
"La sangre no es valorada sino ha sido derramada"
"Las pasiones son anclas que te sujetan a morir en la marea de una tormenta que viene.."
"La palabra es un arte limpio... detras del hablar está el artista que ha hecho su obra"
"El ocuparse de la vida ajena es como alquilarse para maltrato..."
"El ansuelo más eficaz es aquel que sabe a debilidad"
"La valentia es el acto de realizar lo que el miedo no te permite hacer"
"para valorar algo, debiste hacer algo primero.."
"Las virtudes son las buenas obras que puedas hacer con tus defectos ..."

The brain expo 1 (Spanish version)

Posted by beguilbertd - April 29th, 2011

I can not figure out how global warming is till I can feel the effects of it. Here´s too much sun (shining) . If I drink water I feel better but is not enough. Walk on the street is even dangerous for my skin , I can get Cancer. I remember when I was a little boy, there was a normal sun with a happy smile on, In spite of I have never liked sun rays ( I cant tolerate the sun) . I have seen people in a normal day as if there were nothing happening. Mama mía ¡¡¡

What the heat ¡¡¡

Posted by beguilbertd - April 17th, 2011

Can medals disappear from user page?, Well I have had many Internet trouble last week, so medals can not go away with Internet... can they? .
I am sure of this : Every time I do something , something is changing .. A+B=C?. This is just a comparison but very very strange indeed. Any suggestions?.

I am a litte scared...

Posted by beguilbertd - April 4th, 2011

Time to share

I did not receive any response from NG´administrators nor moderators, so I have decided put my song here instead of wait for a submit in audio portal. I made this song just for fun one Sunday at noon. I felt that time inspired because of a bunch of thoughts rounding my head. What is the best way to express yourself?, let the ideas running away [I said]. I hope you like this song as It liked to me too.
Note: I am not searching for a group of fans I prefer listeners too much.

Comments are welcome either you can leave your mind here.

Old fashionable life dream

One life for everyone, destiny is waiting...
Memories of youth have gone , youngsters there...
Dreams of future hope... hope where?
No tears enough to bring them back...
Pray for prey birds...
Old fashionable life dream